Help us fight child trafficking just by ordering your free KetoShots

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KetoShots are a 1.85 oz shot of pre-mixed, exogenous ketones designed specifically to support busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

You can order a 2-pack of KetoShot of your choice and all we ask is that you cover the $5 shipping charge. We have 3 formulations to choose from:

  • 1) The original formula for those looking for a boost of energy
  • 2) The decaf formula for those who could do without the caffeine.
  • 3) The Relax formula designed to boost your metabolism while promoting a good night's sleep

KetoShot 2-pack promo

... and we'll donate to help children impacted by human trafficking

For every 2-pack ordered we will donate 25 cents towards our $100,000 goal to help children impacted by human trafficking. We've selected International Network of Hearts as our charitable partner. They are a charity dedicated to bringing hope, safety and empowerment to children recovering from human trafficking.

International Network of Hearts

Don't think 2 bottles or 25 cents is enough?

If you don't think 2 bottles is enough to understand the benefits of KetoShot or that 25 cents isn't doing enough, we have a special offer for you. We are offering a 15% discount and free shipping as well as a donation of $1.25 to International Network of Hearts for anyone who wants to purchase one of our 12-pack retail packages

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